040515 That Moment When


The guards beside the tomb were fast asleep;

The world itself was still, holding its breath,

Anticipating something great and deep

That it had never seen in life or death.

The morning sun was just a tick away;

The birds and crawling things stopped on their own,

When suddenly a brilliant light gave way;

An angel came and rolled away the stone.

Just then the morning sun’s first ray appeared

And shined into the tomb upon His face.

His eyes were open, linen cloth was cleared.

He stood then walked away from that dark place.

O Jesus, to be there that moment when

The angels ministered to You just then!


2 And they found the stone

rolled away from the sepulchre.

3 And they entered in,

and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.

Luke 24:2-3 KJV

5 comments on “040515 That Moment When

  1. Amen. Could I imagine being there? Thank you Father for the Blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah.

    • jaytharding says:

      Yes, indeed, darling sister in Christ! Father, thank you for raising your beloved Son from the dead, holding the keys of death and hell! If we believe, we will never die! Hallelujah indeed!!

  2. Dorothy Sittler says:

    Oh Jay! Were you there when crucified our LORD, …… this really is a thrilling passage through your eyes.

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