Please pray for the victims of the horrific tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina last night. Pray for the family members and community. Satan is on his end game and pulling out all the stops.Pray for peace. Pray for love. Please, in the name of Christ, pray.


4 comments on “PRAY

    • I was just saying the other day how much smaller our world has become in regards to current events. These things we see on the news and used to pass off as someone else’s war, someone else’s problem have become our own. The Bible tells us two things: The things must and will happen(Matthew 24:6), and to be prepared (Revelations 16:15). I pray for our leaders to make decisions that serve the interests of country, and that they will act swiftly. I for the powers that be on the local level to address the civil unrest that exist/ tensions in the communities. Aloha and Hod bless the USA

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    JESUS, YOU are our SALVATION. YOU know all things! YOU love these people sooooo much including the shooter. YOU want us all including the shooter. FATHER, we perceive life here in North America to be safe. LET IT CONTINUE to be so! Comfort the victims’ families. Give the government wisdom and assistance to find this killer. AMEN

  2. Dorothy Sittler says:

    What a way to go when praying!

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