10-1-15 Heart Burn


And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

Luke 24:32 KJV


The fire of the Lord should burn your heart,

And if it doesn’t, you’re not close enough.

You have to be as one, not just take part;

Communion with the Lord is sturdy stuff

Consume the Word, that fiery flame of truth

Until the Holy Spirit sears your soul.

Remember all the passion of your youth?

This burning makes the past a winter stroll.

If you’re afraid the fire has gone out,

Just breathe the name of Jesus and repeat.

You’ll feel the heat begin, there is no doubt;

His Presence is a blaze that won’t deplete.

You know the Savior’s walking next to you;

His love is burning in your heart so true.

3 comments on “10-1-15 Heart Burn

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    The disciples had JESUS authenticated by the burning in their hearts.
    In IsaiAH 55:12, we are led by PEACE that passes all understanding Philippians 4:7 …. The PRINCE of PEACE IsiAH 9:6.HallELuJAH! The Kingdom of GOD is righteous, peace and joy Romans 14:17

  2. Beautiful, may we all be on fire for Jesus. forwardonourknees.blogspot.com

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