12-21-15 Serve the Lord with Gladness


Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

Psalm 100:2 KJV


Let’s serve the Lord with gladness, joy and cheer!

Let’s worship Him with singing full and strong!

Now come before His presence, gather near,

And praise our God with labor and with song!

Assemble all you saints and harmonize

By lifting up your voice in gratitude,

For by His loving grace our souls arise

To worship Christ our Lord with certitude!

Let’s praise the Lord, for He has shown His love!

Upon the cross He sacrificed His life

So those of us with faith could soar above,

To serve Him here and in the afterlife!

Let’s magnify the Lord and share the Word!

Let Jesus work through us now undeterred!


REMEMBER: When you serve the Lord with joy in your heart and a song on your lips, the unsaved will be more receptive to His light in you.

6-2-14 Reunion (a Sonnet)


Some random thing brings forth soft memory

Of someone dear who’s left these mortal years,

And how I long to hold them close to me!

The thought of our reunion brings fresh tears.

Imagine all the joy that day will bring:

Such overflowing love, such tender sighs!

I scarce can wait, my heart so aches to sing,

To gaze upon their face, into their eyes.

Then how much more will be that golden day

When I at last meet Jesus Christ my Lord!

The sacrifice, His life He had to pay;

Now here He is! How great is this reward!

With loved ones near, no longer to be grieved

Because He died for me, and I believed!