11-19-14 BE


Before creation God was One in Three;

Eternal, always Now and always Here.

He opened up His mouth and uttered “BE,”

Establishing at once all you endear.

The heaven and the earth was not, then was;

O friend, can you imagine that decree?

Give praise to God Almighty, the First Cause,

Who set the stars in motion with one “BE!”

In the beginning, ere the world you see,

The Word was God, and God was with the Word,

Forever was and will forever BE

The Author of all things, your life conferred.

From galaxies to e’en the lowly flea,

The universe in place with “LET THERE BE!”


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 KJV

11-7-14 I Will Come To You

jesus comforting

When Jesus saw the time come for the cross

He spoke to his disciples with great love.

He said that though the world count Him a loss,

He would not leave them orphans when above.

Christ’s done all that He promised as you know:

He sent the Holy Ghost to live within,

He comes to us and stays though others go,

He loves us even though we stray and sin.

Soon Jesus will return for all to see;

He’ll then bring His disciples to His side.

He wants us to save all who want to be;

He loves the world, and this is why He died.

You feel His presence now e’en as you read

He’s in your heart, your mind, your every need.


I will not leave you comfortless:

I will come to you.

John 14:18 KJV

6-11-14 BE (a Sonnet)

the word became flesh

The Word of God said “BE” and thus it was,

This universe we see and still much more;

Each atom held together by first cause,

Reverberating love within its core.

This Word with God is God the One and All

And everything that is exists from Him;

But then creation changed with Adam’s fall,

Becoming Satan’s playground brief and grim.

To cleanse our sins we had to sacrifice

Unblemished lambs, but that was brief as well;

The Word became the flesh to pay the price

So man could choose salvation, with Him dwell.

The Word is God is Jesus, all are He,

Creator and Deliverer: BE free!


The Word became flesh

and took up residence among us. John 1:14 HCS