1-21-15 Our Refuge and Strength

refuge and strength

When trouble comes, and we all know it’s here,

There is no better help than Jesus Christ.

Just call His name, there’s nothing more to fear,

Though Satan seeks to have your angst enticed.

Draw strength from Jesus, He is all you need;

His guidance gets you through the greatest trial.

With calm assurance Christ has you succeed;

The evil of this world cannot beguile.

Discord and discontent are now the norm,

But when you keep the Savior out in front

You’ll find refuge against the daily storm;

He fortifies your soul against affront.

In Jesus you are safe; on Him depend.

In darkest night there is no better friend.


God is our refuge and strength,

a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1 KJV

1-2-15 Take Refuge


If life has thrown you down to trample on,

If everything you do just makes things worse,

If you are at your end and hope is gone,

Take refuge in the Lord, He’s not adverse.

If peace and plenty seem so far away,

If others beat you up and tear you down,

If trouble follows you both night and day,

Take refuge in the Lord, He holds your crown.

If all your worries follow you around,

If you are lost and don’t know what to do,

If all you wish is simply to be found,

Take refuge in the Lord, He’ll see you through.

If you are so oppressed and you need aid,

Take refuge in the Lord, don’t be afraid.


The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed,

a refuge in times of trouble.

Psalm 9:9 KJV

7-16-14 Pour Out Your Heart

pour out your heart

Surrender all your trust unto the Lord,

And turn to Him with all your needs and tears;

Take your afflictions, all your worries stored,

And lay before His feet your wants and fears.

If you would trust the One who gives you life,

You’ll find a refuge in this world and more.

He gives you peace and comfort in your strife;

Deliver all before Him and implore.

There are no secret corners in your soul

That God is not aware of all the time.

Just trust in Him and He will make you whole;

He is omnipotent and love sublime.

Pour out your heart! Pour out your heart to Him!

He loves you as His child above the brim.


Trust in Him at all times; ye people,

pour out your heart before Him:

God isa refuge for us.

Psalm 62:8 KJV