7-24-14 The Spirit of Truth

spirit of truth

When Jesus walked upon the earth as man

He was the truth because from God He came,

And when Christ went back Home He had a plan

To gift the Holy Spirit in His name.

The Spirit guides us to the truth because

He hears it from our Father first of all;

No longer are you subject to the laws

That govern sin and death from Adam’s fall.

Now learn to listen to the Spirit’s voice

Through prayer and scripture read with open heart,

And when you know the truth you can rejoice,

For now you have God’s will and can take part.

“What is the truth?” the world cries all the time.

When you know Christ the truth is so sublime.


When the Spirit of truth comes,

he will guide you into all truth.

John 16:13 NLT


7-21-14 Sweet as Honey


As honeybees do labour all day long,

A minister researches scripture deep.

From flow’r to flow’r the bee draws nectar strong

Just like a preacher does sweet scriptures reap.

When full the bee brings all the nectar home

Within the hive where honey there is made;

The pastor, rich with words from scripture comb,

Turns them into a sermon, prayed and weighed.

The bee distributes honey into cells

And fills the honeycomb with sweet delight.

So does the parson share the Word so well,

To feed the congregation so outright.

The gospel is as honey to the soul

And healthy with His Spirit we’re made whole.


Pleasant words are as an honeycomb,

sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24