2-8-16 Strengthen and Protect


But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 NAS


The Lord is faithful when no others are,

And what He says He’ll do you know He will.

The covenants He forms outlasts the stars;

The promises He makes He shall fulfill.

No matter where you go there Jesus is:

Ten thousand suns within the darkest night.

No need to fear at all, for you are His;

He’ll strengthen you from all of Satan’s might.

The Savior is your armor and your shield,

Protecting you completely with His love.

The evil one can’t help but bow and yield,

For your security’s from up above.

The devil has no power over you,

For Christ is both your rock and shelter, too.


REMEMBER: You can trust the Trustworthy One.

11-13-14 Peaceful Sleep

sleeping peacefully

Your enemies surround me all the day,

Attacking both my body and my mind,

But I’ve no fear amid the constant fray,

For Your protective love has me entwined.

Great evil stalks the land like hungry beast,

Devouring the truth with hate and lies,

But though it lays beside me with its feast,

I share the gospel without compromise.

The past and future rob most men of sleep;

Their troubles run unchecked all through the night,

But Your serenity makes slumber deep;

There is no need to worry in Your sight.

Rest safely in the shelter of the Lord;

Find comfort in His Word, the great reward.


I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep:

for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8 KJV

10-18-14 The Lord’s Prayer 03: Give Us This Day

our daily bread

O God we thank you so much for this day,

To let us rise from bed and praise Your name;

We lean on You for everything, we pray,

For shelter, clothes and food, for warming flame.

We ask the same from You each day, we know,

Tomorrow is not promised us at all;

You are the Source ‘from whom all blessings flow’,

So for today we look to You and call.

O Lord we know we don’t deserve a thing,

For we are hopeless sinners every one,

But please forgive us, on Your grace we cling;

We live for You and Jesus Christ Your Son.

We pray, give us this day our daily bread

And be with us each hour that lies ahead.


Give us this day our daily bread.

Matthew 6:11 KJV

8-11-14 Chained Dogs

chained dog 02

I complained to my sister

about the way some people treat their dog,

how he is chained

to the loneliest spot at the far end of the property

with only a leaky old box for shelter

and a bucket to catch the rain.

The poor animal’s life is limited

to the infrequent, indifferent visit

and the food scraps that come with it.

He learns to shit at the end

of the chain’s circumference

to avoid stepping in it all day;

when the bucket is dry

he eats grass for its moisture.

His fur freezes to the ground

at night in the winter,

and he pulls it out snoutfuls of it

in the summer to get at all the fleas.

It makes me so angry,

but animals are property, and he is not mine

so I have to walk on by.


My sister was silent through it all

as I spoke with disgust,

my hands making punctuation marks in the air.

When I was spent she quietly told me

the unsaved is like that dog.

He is chained by sin

in lonely, far flung isolation.

The only things in his tiny circle

is the tiny box of his leaky beliefs

and a bucket of hope and dreams.

He may have family and friends,

but who is willing to step through the mine field

of the filthy waste of his life

and risk being bitten, or worse?

Instead, they toss him scraps

of their affection.

When the sky is empty and no hope can be found,

he chews on the grass of memories

to stay alive.

Sometimes the world can be harsh:

bitterly cold in the nights of his despair,

freezing him to wherever he lies,

or like fleas, digging into him incessantly,

nearly driving him crazy.

And here we are,

freed by the Blood and living in Grace by Faith.

We pass by him in his misery.

We shake our heads and cluck our tongues,

unwilling to free him with the truth of the Gospel

because he belongs to Satan.

She finished in silence and I felt shame

like a needle into my soul.

The analogies can go on forever

but I would rather we get up from this story

and start roaming the neighborhood

in search of the hopeless.