8-20-14 Still in Darkness


The world is filled each day with so much hate;

The sons of darkness roam the streets for blood.

Beware the ones who claim the Light is great,

But swims within the murk of evil’s flood.

You know the ones who stink of Satan’s touch

Although they bathe in virtue’s sweet perfume.

They walk with nose upright a tad too much

And point their finger all around the room.

The food may look so pleasing to your eye

But if the taste’s not right you will not eat.

The ones professing righteousness are sly

But just beneath the skin lies rotten meat.

            You can’t love Christ and hate your fellow man

            There is no room for loathing in God’s plan.


Whoever says he is in the light

and hates his brother is still in darkness.

1 John 2:9 ESV