6-1-14 Crucified with Christ (a Sonnet)

crucified with christ

The Lamb of God has suffered, bled and died

Because He loves you with his perfect heart.

No greater love has ever been applied,

This gift He gave for your salvation’s start.

You have been crucified upon that cross

For He took all your sins up there to stay;

His life He gave for you was worth the loss,

Was worth the pain and sorrow of that day.

If you accept the sacrifice He made,

The forces of this world cannot pursue

And death is dead, no need to be afraid,

For you’ll no longer live, but Christ in you.

Let go of all your cares, for Jesus dwells

Within your heart and soul, and all is well!


“…I have been crucified with Christ;

and it is no longer I who live,

but Christ lives in me…”

Galatians 2:20


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