1-31-15 A heritage of the Lord

Lilly Harding, my beautiful grandchild

A parent’s greatest joy should be their child,

A gift from God, creation at its best,

Especially an offspring good and mild

To leave all those who meet her surely blessed.

They love their child before she leaves the womb,

And magnifies it with each breath she takes;

So Jesus loves us ere we come in bloom,

And with the Spirit’s breath we came awake.

When we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord,

Then Heaven cheers our second day of birth;

The Savior’s bliss is this His own reward

To know a part of Him is on the Earth.

The heritage of Christ belongs to those

Who left the cross with Him, the ones He chose.


Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: 

and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Psalm 127:3 KJV

6 comments on “1-31-15 A heritage of the Lord

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    When my unofficially adopted grandson was born, he was nursing and when he heard my voice, he did a full 180 because I had spent many hours talking to him before he was born. Now he is having a bar Mitzvah in April ….. 13 years later. HallELuJAH and I am invited!. Let me be a witness to this community!

  2. Planting Potatoes says:

    Surely you must be referring to my daughter? 🙂 Good read!

    • jaytharding says:

      My friend, I pray the bond between you and your precious daughter continues to enrich both your lives, and continues to remind you of the Lord’s infinite love for you!

      • Planting Potatoes says:

        it does – and now she has a little girl of her own and I look forward to bonding with her as well!

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