Family and Friends

Please forgive my absence from “Back of the Choir.” I am currently visiting relatives rarely seen. My intention was to continue with the daily sonnet during my stay, but the Lord quickly reminded me that even His Sonneteer deserves a few days off. With the exception of a day here and there, God has had my feet to the fire for well over a year, and I am as amazed as anyone that He has provided me the words and scriptures to praise, exhort and teach the newly saved. This work is far from finished, though, and so count this upcoming week as merely the intermission of a much greater body of work – of which I am but one voice at the back of the celestial choir. May His love never cease in your life!

2 comments on “Family and Friends

  1. Dorothy Sittler says:

    YES. Just when we think we are too important for our boots HE reminds us that HE stached other prophets to keep them safe and active. HE never just has one! My page survived my absence. HallELuJAH! BLESSINGS as you get back into the groove again.

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