12-1-13 My Love

My love is not as the beautiful rose,
for it wilts and then dies when it ceases to grow.
Nor is My love as the ocean so deep,
for the bottom, the limits, the boundaries it keeps.
I compare not My love to a fire so bright,
for without any air it soon loses its light.
Soft flesh cannot touch it, and eyes cannot see
this love from the Father as it comes through Me.
I express it to you in most intimate ways,
though to know it, to be it, cannot be phrased.
This love that exists is beyond written power,
transcending the fire, the ocean, the flower.
You see, darling one, your faith is the key
to unlock the door of this great mystery.
The truth that I have will soon set you free,
just surrender, confess and believe in Me.

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