12-12-13 I Think Its About Forgiveness


When I was baptized with the Holy Spirit

and woke up at the foot of the cross

it was as if I had been asleep forever

and was finally awake.

When you’ve lived in a deep cave your whole life

a single match can be blinding.

This was like being thrust into the noon day sun!

It has taken me awhile to adjust…

(you can say that again)

But this isn’t what You want me to talk about, is it?

I go to bed thinking one thing

and awaken with a completely different thought!

Sometimes it happens when I blink.

Your will, Father, Your will.


You not only forgive,

You forget.

My mind refuses to comprehend this.

I know what I did.

How I wish I could forget.

You knew, You saw all that I did,

my thoughts, my depravity, my sin.

O my God! You sent Your only Begotten

to pay for it all

before it even happened!

I am so, SO ashamed.

It is I who deserve the cross

and worse.

I hear Paul cry ‘O wretched man that I am!’

and fall on my face in the flesh

as You hold my soul in Your arms.

This love the mind cannot understand,

but the heart has known it all along.

Jesus, sweet Jesus!

Your suffering for me was not in vain,

but I weep for those still in the dark.

Abide in me, my Savior.

I am a lantern,

the Holy Spirit is the wick,

You are the flame

and our Father the oil.

Let us now descend into the cave

of this earth

and seek out the blind.

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