4-14-14 Be Not Deceived

Wolf in sheep clothing2

Beware the worldly voices

and the lies they often weave.

They give temporal choices

meant to fool; be not deceived.

If they don’t use the scriptures

but they want you to believe

that they are a godly fixture,

hearken not; be not deceived.

When evil swarms about you

and your heart is sorely grieved,

call Jesus and He’ll come through

to save you; be not deceived.

Yes, even Sunday preachers

with great knowledge they’ve received,

if Spirit’s not their teacher

leave at once; be not deceived.

Your guide’s the Holy Spirit;

you will not be so naive,

and truth your soul will hear it,

now be still, be not deceived.

In prayer you learn to listen,

then God’s will you’ll soon perceive.

His glory is your mission,

keep the faith, be not deceived.

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